The AeraMax Pro 4. Our

largest air purifier for your

largest problem areas.

Coverage from 55m² to 130m²

Got a big room to clean? Then get the AeraMax Professional IV. It’s designed for rooms from 55m² to 130m², like conference rooms, classrooms, fitness studios and cafeterias. It’s also perfect for common areas and places where people congregate often. Because it removes up to 99.9% of airborne contaminants, you’re assured a truly next-generation clean of your facility.


AeraMax Professional IV available in:



Dimensions (HxWxD): 499 x 881 x 228 mm



Dimensions (HxWxD): 497.84 x 883.92 x 228.6 mm



See the future of air cleaning with PureView™ Technology.

With our optional PureView technology, you can watch air cleaning in real-time. EnviroSmart 2.0 sensors continually analyze the air in the room, activating our filtration system when bad air is present. The PureView digital displays continually read the room, showing you the cleaning process, and you’ll get a readout of the percentage of particles captured. Thanks to two high grade laser PM2.5 sensors, you’ll also be able to see the quality of the air as it enters and leaves the unit as well as a real-time VOC level visual.

PureView is advanced technology—but it’s also advanced design. In fact, it was honored recently in the Good Design Awards for 2018. The recognition is the oldest and most prestigious global award program for design excellence and design innovation.

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