Nozzle 3 in 1 (40 / 80 / 110 micron)


The 3-in-1 Nozzle is built with 3 stainless steel spray tips to resist corrosion from the harshest chemicals.
It contains 2 full cone nozzles set at 40 and 80 microns and a 120° 110 micron nozzle for wetter applications.
Compatible with both Handheld and Backpack sprayers.

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The 3-in1 nozzle fits all applications.

Use the 40 micron nozzle for office and delicate areas that need a light coating.

The 80 micron nozzle is for furniture and areas where a moist application does will not be affected by user use immediately after application.

The 110 nozzle is for areas that are usually wet like showers, bathrooms swimming pools etc and public toilet areas.

Note: To remove the nozzle, use the nozzle removal tool rotate counter-clockwise one-quarter turn and do not apply pressure it will automatically pop out. To put it back in to the sprayer place the nozzle into the nozzle removal tool and gently place the nozzle back into the sprayer and turn counter-clockwise again.

You can then turn clockwise to set to the required nozzle size for our application.