Discover the Saturn S2203i Air Purifier

Eliminates 99.99% of Viruses, Pollen, Pollution, Germs & Bacteria from your home or workplace at a rapid rate using our True HEPA filter & powerful UltraViolet light technology

True HEPA Filter

Polluted air is attracted using Anion Purification. Then it passes through four filters, including our True HEPA filter before going through our Advanced UV Light producing clean pure air.

Adaptable & Intelligent

Automatically adapts to it's environment depending on air quality to give you peace of mind and you can control your air purifier wherever you are and turn on and off with Alexa or Google Home.

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Saturn S2203i Air Purifier

Medical Grade + Washable Filters

Thank you for visiting the Saturn Air Purifier page and their reasonably priced medical grade air purifier. Prices are purposely low in order to make the Saturn unit affordable to the many and in third world countries. To enable this to happen, the UV light and True HEPA Filters are subsidised by the manufacturer.
The Saturn S2203i Air Purifier is made by Saturn Products, which is a small family business based in Cheshire. They took the best of what was previously available and came up with a much better unit.

Love, care and attention has gone into every step of the design of the S2203i.

The only air purifier with Washable Filters that last between 12-18 months.

The S2203i is a medical grade air purifier & contains the most powerful UV light installed in an air purifier and has a True HEPA filter that exceeds the European standard. It makes short work of all bacteria, pollen and viruses, automatically changes depending on its environment and you can control it with its simple touchscreen or via your smartphone.

It is more quiet and power efficient than other purifiers and we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy it.

Got a question? Then feel free to contact us online!

Saturn Air Purifier


Watch Our Product Video

We wanted to make a quick video so you could see the things we love about our S2203i purifier.

Enjoy and thanks for watching! 😊

Product focus

Learn more about the features of Saturn S2203i


Eliminate 99.99% of airborne viruses, pollen, pollution and any other nasties using our unique six stage filtration system leaving you with pure, clean air.


Touchscreen, app and Wifi control with a real time colour air quality light. 1 Year Manufacturers warranty and 14 day no quibble returns policy


You can change the S2203i to be as quiet or as loud as you like. The only air purifier with 6 different modes including Auto, Turbo and Sleep mode and a child lock all just a button press away.


Simple control with the ON / OFF button or you can connect to your WiFi network - the choice is yours!

Technical Details

Tested and removed

Dust, Germs, Bacteria, Pollen, Pet Dander, Pollution, bad odours, hair, fluff, air & vehicle pollution, Benzol, benzenes, formaldehyde, emissions from office equipment, mould, fungus, dust mites & unwanted coughs and sneezes!

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S2203i air purifier dimensions are: W390xL211xH628mm and it will weigh only 8.6kg. Easy & Portable

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Filtration Process

S2203i covers up to 50m3. Perfect for your whole home or office. Anion Purification attracts negative ions in the air to your purifier. Air then passes through four filters containing felt, Activated carbon, a True HEPA filter and a photocatalyst filter before flowing over the UV Light that zaps germs and bacteria

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Child Friendly

The S2203i has been designed with children in mind with no sharp edges and a child lock button so they can play with the touch-screen without interrupting your air purifiers current state

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Air Quality Light

Modern & Stylishly Designed with an easy to carry handle, the S2203i has a real-time air quality light so you can judge the air quality at a glance

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6 Speed Modes

S2203i uses the most proficient motor ever installed into a purifying device. Have your purifier automatically run and change according to the environment or be in full control and have it as loud or quiet as you like!

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Customer Support

Full Customer Support...

Contact us on 01775 711722 or email

Remember all of our air purifiers come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty and a 14 day no quibble return policy!