Mistral Ozone Unit

Don't mask the odour - remove it completely

The amazing new Mistral harnesses the natural properties of Ozone to completely destroy all smells and odours, leaving the air feeling fresh and clean and pure - just the way it should.

Don't live with unwanted smells - Remove bad odours - A fresh approach to a healthier environment without chemicals.

So how does it work?

When Oxygen is activated with electricity, it naturally produces ozone. The ozone is then pumped out through the unit which disperses throughout the room, locking onto any bacteria and killing it. Only ozone kills bacteria, viruses and mould thereby removing the source of the odours, not just covering them up. Ozone also removes smoke and smoke odours.
Is it safe to use?
Absolutely! Ozone is the safest and most natural purification agent. The Mistral only produces safe, low levels of ozone which are naturally all around us and are safe to breathe.
What are the running costs?
The Mistral uses less electricity than a 40 watt light bulb. There are no consumables to replace and therefore no additional running costs or wastage.
What about the ozone layer?
In recent years it has become increasingly evident that the continuing pollution of the environment could endanger the quality of life of future generations. Governments and other organisations in many countries are now more aware of the impact of past ignorance regarding environmental matters and increasingly have become more environmentally sensitive. Businesses and individuals in the construction and services industries are under increasing pressure to improve their environmental policies. Since ozone is made up entirely of oxygen, it can only revert back to natural, non-toxic oxygen once the ozonation process is completed.
The Mistral is very environmentally friendly and keeps your carbon footprint to a minimum.

  • Smell removed naturally from the air without masking it with a fragrance.
  • Kills all known airborne bacteria such as flu viruses etc.
  • No chemicals, no filters, no batteries, just fit and forget!
  • Self managed sealed unit with only one moving part, requires no attention or maintenance.
  • Unobtrusive, injection moulded unit just 75mm high x 190mm diameter.
Mistral 50      

Some useful facts and figures

  • Unit diameter 190mm
  • Unit depth 75mm
  • Weight 950g
  • Power consumption less than 1 amp
  • Fan voltage 12v
    Mistral 50





The Mistral 50 emits a steady flow of ozone into the surrounding air, killing all odour-making bacteria as it finds it. It breaks down all organic and chemical odours, from food, smoke and even solvent fumes. There is no need for harsh chemical scents to be pumped out into the room and no need for replacement cartridges or filters.

Ozone Gas has a distinctive odour and is easily detectable at low levels that are well below recommended occupational exposure levels. Ozone Gas is not a known carcinogen.

The UK standard for occupational exposure to Ozone Gas is defined by the HSE as 0.2ppm average over a 15 minute period.